Your Data Center at the Speed of Business

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Your team is lean but the business needs more. It relies on you to provide digital experiences, applications and services to increase productivity and profitability. Let Nutanix give you the freedom to do more with less, and faster. Modernize your data center with easy-to-use, scalable, cloud-like infrastructure without compromising on reliability and security.

Freedom to Build!

Simplify Your Infrastructure
Consumer-grade management of datacenter infrastructure and applications eliminates the need for specialized IT teams, and advanced machine learning technology reduces complex tasks to a single click.

Reduced TCO
Spend less time on mundane infrastructure management. Nutanix has helped IT organizations like yours reduce costs by up to 60%, with a investment payback of just 7 months.

Reduced CapEx
Eliminate dedicated storage networks and Fibre Channel switches. Reuse existing networks.

Cloud-like Serviceability with Choice
Acquire and deploy resources without any disruption – just like in the public cloud. Pick hardware and virtualization technologies that your team is most comfortable with.

Plus More
Benefit from built-in essentials, such as data protection, disaster recovery, workload distribution and backup.

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