Your Business Continuation Plan During a Global Pandemic: Are you Prepared?

Your Business Continuation Plan During a Global Pandemic | Hogan

We know you probably have Business Continuation and Disaster Recovery plans to deal with many different scenarios including mass transit incidents, data center outages, building incidents, and even weather events that could impact your operation. But do you have a business plan that deals with the current COVID-19 pandemic facing us today? As many businesses have been forced to either close indefinitely or adopt a virtual work model, many companies are struggling to transition employees to remote work. 

We know that traditional Business Continuation and Disaster Plans focus on ensuring your key employees can continue to work, but don’t always account for the rest of your employees.  Whether employees need to work from a different office, leverage office-sharing facilities or work from home, it’s likely your plan does not account for the possibility of a pandemic. In the age of COVID-19 (with workplace closures and stay at home orders) everything has changed. 

Hogan: Your Solution to Creating a Virtual Workforce

Creating remote work environments is what we have done for decades. We work with you to determine exactly what solutions you need and create a secure, cloud-based infrastructure to enable your employees to work remotely. Contact us today to expand your remote capabilities →

The Importance of your Business Continuation Plan

We don’t want to reinvent the wheel, which is why we start with your current Business Continuation Plan. Our experts will meet with you virtually to discuss:

The Scalability of your Current Plan – We’ll review the scalability of your current Business Continuation Plan. Does it cater to critical staff only, or is there room to include all staff?

Gap Analysis – We look at any gaps that might exist between your current plan and what is required to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic. We brainstorm with you on how to bridge gaps that may exist.

Disaster Recovery (DR) – What happens if you need to invoke DR during a work-from-home scenario? Can your environment support the whole company? We look at the issues uncovered during your last DR test and review how those issues have been addressed. We also review any re-testing initiatives to make sure issues were resolved.

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