The Security of a Remote Workforce: Tips and Solutions

The Security of a Remote Workforce: Tips and Solutions | Hogan

With the proliferation of people working from home due to the COVID-19 pandemic, companies are now faced with the real-time issue of virtualizing the workforce and supporting employees who are now working from home.  As you can imagine, access to sensitive data, programs, and applications is necessary for your employees to do their jobs.  But it also brings the issue of security to the forefront. If you are scaling up your virtual workforce, you need to be confident your data and proprietary information will be completely secure on employee laptops, thin clients, or even mobile technologies.  

Let’s Talk About Capacity: Solutions and Internet Capacity

Most companies offer employees some level of remote access to a virtual desktop. As we look at the expansion of employees now working from home during the pandemic, there are overall capacity issues that arise.  First, we need to look at the current solution (Citrix, Palo Alto, or other tools).  Do your current virtualization tools have the capacity for extra users?  In some cases, significantly more users.  In addition, companies need to ensure they have the internet capacity to accommodate more workers accessing the system from off-premises locations. 

At Hogan, we have spent decades securing virtual work environments.  We can help you efficiently increase your capacity to allow people to securely work from home. There is nothing more important than protecting your data, applications, and programs from bad actors or hackers. Contact us today to help secure your virtual infrastructure.

Secure Remote Connectivity: How We Help Secure Additional Remote Users

One of the first things we confront when facing a much larger virtual workforce is secure remote connectivity to your on-premises or cloud-based data. One of our most common solutions is to recommend the integration of a Virtual Personal Network (VPN) to expand or improve your current environment. We also look at how to implement the most secure platform for workers to access their virtual desktop including Citrix Remote Desktops combined with multi-factor authentication (MFA).

Working with our partners at Palo Alto Networks, and Citrix, our engineers help you choose the right tools to secure your virtual infrastructure.  Find out how Hogan can help you lock down the security issues faced with a virtual workforce.  Contact us today.

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