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Ten predictions for the Internet of Things in 2018

At Hogan Consulting Group we know that IoT technology is advancing at a rapid pace fueled by cloud technology and consumer demand. Already, consumers expect more from their devices than ever before. Companies are speeding to keep up with constantly changing technologies as they race to meet consumers’ wants. With a European decision on the commercialization of IoT data looming, international politics will play a part in the outcome of that race. As IoT expands in almost every direction, where is it really headed? Forrester Research has an idea… or 10 about how the year in IoT is going to play out. Read the article and find out more.

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Ten reasons your business needs a strategy now to capitalize on the Internet of Things

We are constantly working to help our customers find new ways to improve their business. While the Internet of Things (IoT) may seem like a future trend, our customers need to have control over their IoT or they could be missing out on valuable opportunities in the present. Shifting to IoT is a process, and every process requires a strategy for successful implementation. That’s why we’ve developed 10 reasons your business needs a strategy now. This brochure will give our customers the information they need to capitalize on the Information of Things.

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