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Support for Your Business Needs - Hogan IT Consulting

Working with us at Hogan as a Managed Services Client means that we are here for you 24/7/365. Our focus is on your specific needs while providing exceptional service to make your business work for you around the clock, allowing you to sleep better at night. What does our commitment to you and your business look like? Consider the following:

It Starts with Variety

Proactive. Reactive. Monitoring. We can create a package for you so that your business needs are met from day one. If you want Hogan to take the reins while using our experience and expertise, then we can fully manage your environment and provide top quality service, so you don’t have to worry. If you want Hogan to help your staff maintain a quality infrastructure, we can do that for you as well. Do you lack quality monitoring for your environment with your own staff is reacting to issues? We can provide you with Hogan Watch and allow your staff do what they do best by being proactive to your own environment. We want to help you, in whatever way fits your needs and your budget.

It Continues with the Service Level Agreement (SLA)

Service Level Agreements are created when you enter into an Agreement with Hogan. Your Agreement will include guaranteed responses times per incident, as well as a customer facing dashboard you can use to track your companies support tickets and progression through the system.

If an issue happens at 3am, we are there for you with our team of on-call engineers and escalation support consultants. We will make sure your environment is ready to go before business starts the next day.

Technical Support Is Not Just for Managed Services Clients

Hogan is pleased to provide technical support to all its clients.  Our technicians and engineers will respond back to you and work to provide the support you need – when you need it.

One of the greatest benefits of entering into a Managed Services Agreement with Hogan, is the quality of technical support you will receive.  Our focus is on identifying the problem and working diligently toward the solution in a cost and time-efficient manner.  Contact us for more information.

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