Enhance and protect your investment with IT Services

Experience worry-free implementation by drawing on the expertise, knowledge, and abilities of Hogan Professional ServicesFrom the initial needs assessment, scope and design, to implementation and support, leveraging Hogan Enterprise Architects ensures you maximize the full potential of your IT investment.

Some of these services include:

Professional Services

  • Scoping Design / Evaluation
  • Health Checks / Upgrades
  • Windows 10 Migrations
  • Proof of Concept / Pilot Programs
  • Solution Implemention

Solution Services

  • Azure Cloud Architecture
  • Data Center Infrastructure
  • End User Computing
  • Network Services
  • Security Services & more
DC laptop

Managed IT Services

  • Proactive Maintenance
  • Unlimited 24x7 IT Support
  • Managed Cyber Security
  • Managed Citrix Workspace
  • Managed Citrix NetScaler Maintenance

Proactive Infrastructure Maintenance.

Features of this service include infrastructure software capacity planning; health checks; minor software version upgrades; defined reporting; and, continuous improvement

Does your project involve massive amounts of data?

Our deep learning practice can make your vision a reality.

Andrew Hogan, Data Scientist for Hogan Consulting Group provides a quick overview of a deep learning tool he custom built for a manufacturing client. The client was struggling with a labor-intensive bill of materials workflow.

Using AI & Deep Learning solutions from NVIDIA, Andrew did analysis, design, and software development for automatically generating bills of materials from an image.

Deep learning demo
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At our core, you’ll find a savvy professional services team committed to excellence.

Leveraging their vast experience in technology, vendor relationships, system integration and solving IT challenges, our team strives toward putting solutions in place that align with your business goals and maximize your financial investment.


Our Project Methology

01 -Design Phase

Discuss critical elements and complexity of the design. These discussions can range from a short, hour-long meeting to a multi-day engagement. We then provide a list of key decisions made and required technology for project.

02 -Build Phase

Build or upgrade the project infrastructure. Validate core functionality. Create environment suitable for end user acceptance testing.

03 -Testing Phase

Test users validate key use cases and confirm proper environment configuration. Any identified issues will be resolved before any go-live(s).

04 -Rollout Phase

We work with you to develop the rollout schedule and communication plan. We aid you in rollouts to ensure quick resolution of any issues.

05 -Support Phase

We offer various support options ranging from Incident Packs to fully Managed Services with 24/7 systems monitoring, level 2/3 support, and patching.

06 -Training Phase

Knowledge transfer is key to your success. Our customized solution training is quicker and more relevant than vendor training because it only addresses your unique configuration.

With Hogan, service means more than just technical assistance. Contact us today to get started.

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