Professional Invoices with Office 365

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Hogan Consulting Group knows how important it is for small companies to look utterly professional--right down to their business documents. The right tools can help them seem a lot bigger than they actually are. Entrepreneur Trevor Cressey and his team take advantage of more than 100 customizable invoice templates in #Office365 to show their customers a polished, professional look. They can easily customize their invoices using built-in themes and colors. And they can add their own logo and business information for a "pro" appearance that's on a par with any global corporation. Hogan Consulting Group can help you show the world a professional face too. Contact us to find out how.

Hogan Consulting Group learns how Microsoft Office 365 helps Trevor Cressey, whose company, Premier Water Removal, provides emergency water-removal and flood-restoration services, put on a professional face to the world. With more than 100 customizable invoice templates included in Excel, Word, Access, and Publisher, Office 365 allows small-but-growing companies like Trevor’s to look a lot bigger than they are. Contact us to see how Office 365 can do the same for you.