Office 365 Helps You Maintain & Grow Customer Relationships

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Small-business owners get it: The best business is repeat business. But Hogan Consulting Group knows that repeat business hinges on managing all the information that makes up your customer relationships. Entrepreneur Trevor Cressey trusts the Outlook Customer Manager component of #Office365 to track and organize all his critical customer data--emails, meetings, calls, tasks, and deadlines--so it's immediately available. By keeping this information in one place, Outlook Customer Manager lets Trevor spend less time managing data and more time supporting his customers. Let Hogan Consulting Group help you grow your customer relationships. Contact us today to get started.

In this clip, Hogan Consulting Group examines how Outlook Customer Manager, a component of Office 365, helps small-business owners like Trevor Cressey maintain and grow their customer relationships. Trevor, whose Premier Water Removal service dries out flooded homes or businesses, depends on Outlook Customer Manager to track and organize all his customer data and keep it in one place for fast, easy access. Let us show you how Outlook Customer Manager can help you create happy customers–and generate repeat business.