NVIDIA DGX Systems – Deliver Revolutionary Results for A.I.

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NVIDIA DGX Systems Built on Volta Deliver Revolutionary Results for A.I.

If you’ve been following NVIDIA in the news, you know they’re leading the charge in A.I. and GPUs. Organizations like yours have been transforming their business, products, and fields of research, using the power of NVIDIA technology and solutions. Hogan is your strategic partner in helping you get your A.I. initiative GPU-accelerated.

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What if I told you there’s an A.I. supercomputer that could deliver the power of 400 Intel CPU’s in a workstation, fits under your desk, and is so quiet that you’ll barely notice it is turned on? It’s called the NVIDIA DGX Station – the world’s first personal supercomputer, built on NVIDIA Volta GPU’s and innovations like Tensor Cores and 2nd generation NVlink that accelerate A.I. and deep learning training.

In short: DGX Systems 96x faster than a CPU server.

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