Interview: New Look…Same Award-Winning Customer Service!

New Look...Same Award-Winning Customer Service! | Hogan | IT Consulting

Shorter Name, New Logo and Website…Same Award-Winning Customer Service!

On May 22, 2020, Hogan Consulting Group entered an exciting new time in our business.  We have embarked upon an entire rebranding effort that resulted in shortening our name from Hogan Consulting Group to Hogan, updating our logo as well as designing a  new website at This change has been in the works for months and we are pleased to share our process and rationale with you.  We had the opportunity to sit down with Mike and Rebecca Hogan, the President & CEO, and Vice President of Hogan.

Q: So what led to the desire to redo your logo?

Mike: We felt the logo we launched our company with was starting to look outdated.  Since we are on the cutting edge of offering the latest virtualization and end-user computing solutions to clients, we thought it was time.

Rebecca: As we rebrand the company it remains important to us that our clients know that while we might have a different look, we still offer the same award-winning customer service.

Q: With a new logo, the logical next step is to update everything else. Tell us more about some of the other branding enhancements you have made.

Rebecca: We took a top down approach meaning, we started with our new logo which led to creating a new color pallet for the company.  Once we settled on colors, next on our list was to create a new website that reflected the Hogan brand and experience. We are also updating all our social media branding and will be doing more social posts in the future.

Mike: We are also in the process of ordering Hogan-branded “swag” including T-shirts, cups, mugs and other usable pieces we can give to employees and clients. 

Q: The new website is looking great! What enhancements did you make?

Mike: Every so often it’s nice to take a 30,000 foot look at how we communicate what makes us unique, the services we offer, and how we best communicate the technology issues we help our clients solve in the area of virtualization, end-user computing, cloud computing and security. While we are not changing the services we offer clients, we are providing enhanced information on how we work as consultants and with our technology partners to deliver services clients need today. For example, during the pandemic, allowing employees to work remotely has been the lifeblood of helping limit the disruption this pandemic has had on business operations. It’s an honor to be on the forefront of making remote working a reality for our customers.

Rebecca: We are also very philanthropic as a company and wanted to create space on our new website to highlight the volunteer work we do.  Recently we sent meals to over 950 healthcare workers sourced from local restaurants.  We thought it was a win/win and want people who read our website to know that giving back is a core element of our mission and vision as a company.

Q: You mentioned your social media presence. What will be changing here?

Rebecca: We know that most of our clients are on social media, as are their employees. We are upping our game on social media to feature relevant links to both content on our new website, and other updates from our technology partners, and keeping everyone updated on the latest trends in working virtually in the most secure ways possible. 

Mike: We want to use social media to really convey the breadth and depth of our services which are game-changers for companies now faced with the need for employees to work anywhere, on any device, and to do so using the latest in security protocols. We offer a lot of free programming and webinars with our technology partners and will continue using our social media platforms to let people know about upcoming events.  We hope you will visit our rebranded social media platforms on Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Twitter

Q: Have your relationships changed with your technology partners?

Mike: If anything, the relationships we have with Our Partners are even stronger today.  We have consistently engaged with our partners to offer the latest educational programming, and to sponsor events for our clients.  One recent event we sponsored with IGEL was a roundtable event for healthcare IT professionals, where we offered an open forum for questions and to discuss end-user computing best practices during a pandemic.

Rebecca: We also have a strong relationship as one of six leading regional technology consulting firms through our affiliation with M7. Our new website and social media activities share the importance of our relationship with M7, and how our vendors, system integrators, other partners and our clients benefit from our relationship with M7. 

Q: I see a continued reference to “Impact Technology®” Can you explain this concept?

Mike: Given our commitment to clients and the feedback we continue to receive; we coined the phrase Impact Technology ®. Rather than just providing traditional information technology services, it became clear clients hired us because of the positive impact we had on their business. It is an honor to work with top companies who rely on us for high-level technology consulting, as well as our managed services approach. Delivering Impact Technology® is what drives us every day.

Rebecca: Part of our messaging to clients is that Hogan is a leading provider of virtualization and cloud strategies, and that these solutions allow clients to improve their business agility, boost user productivity and operate remotely with the highest levels of security. 

Q: Where do you see things going after the pandemic?

Mike: As we move into our “next normal,” businesses will be looking at what projects will continue, and which ones will move to the back burner. The technology we focus on enables businesses to not only survive these kinds of outages but to thrive in them.  Work will be changing for a lot of companies as they evaluate where people need to work. Office space will be reevaluated to determine its usefulness.  Remote workers will benefit because companies have learned to look for talent more broadly, not just geographically.  The world will change, and we will be there to help our clients navigate to the next normal.

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