Microsoft Soars: How Azure, AI and IoT Are Driving Cloud Hypergrowth at $20-Billion Scale

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The percentage of U.S. small businesses using cloud computing will climb, last year it jumped 58%. Is your business ready for the change? At Hogan Consulting Group, we want to ensure you're ready when the time comes to transition to the cloud. With Azure you can move some or all of your virtual machine compute capacity to the cloud and save money. With on-demand infrastructure, you can leverage per-minute billing and reduce costs by using a fraction of CPU, reduce IT and data center costs, and re-engineer processes for cost saving. We can help your business transition to the cloud with Azure. Read this article and contact us to see how.

The intelligent cloud and the intelligent edge era is already upon us. It represents a tremendous opportunity for everyone especially small businesses that can now afford the capabilities of larger companies. The cloud is a powerful tool and Azure is the key to unlocking the ease and usability that your team needs. At Hogan Consulting Group, we want to help you integrate the cloud into your business. Contact us to find out more and check out this article.

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