Managed Citrix Services

We monitor and maintain your system so you do not have to.

Be Proactive, Prevent IT Challenges​

Whether it’s infrastructure or expertise, managing Citrix can present unforeseen challenges. The Hogan Managed Services team has seen it all and can provide both the personnel and tools to guarantee a full-featured, error-free Citrix environment.

Infrastructure Monitoring

Monitoring plays a vital role in maintaining a healthy, reliable IT environment, but it can distract you from strategic projects.

Infrastructure Stabilization

We bring your Citrix environment to a steady state without disruptions. Our team works behind the scenes to stabilize your infrastructure by targeting and fixing a defined set of issues.

Infrastructure Management

To optimize system uptime, we work proactively to make sure patches and upgrades are handled promptly and smoothly.

User Expansion

Obtaining full value from a new Citrix solution requires timely rollout to your user base. Managed Services accelerates the onboarding of your new users.

License Maintenance

Enjoy the ease of use of rechargable battery, which plays your music during up to 12 hours: for full-day listening.

Unlimited 24x7 Support

Lack of space for your speaker? With its universal thread and you can attach it to just about any tripod.

Leave your Citrix infrastructure to us. It’s what we do all day.

Go with a Citrix Specialist, not just another Citrix service partner.

As a Citrix Platinum Specialist and Innovation Award Winner in mobility and virtualization, Hogan Consulting Group has more than 14 years experience delivering and supporting Citrix Solutions. We take pride in our ability to spot potential risks and develop a custom solution prior to users seeing any sort of disruption. 

Review our services brochure and schedule a callback to offload your daily Citrix tasks today.

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