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Hogan Remote Monitoring Management

We enable technology to work for you not against you.

With Hogan Managed Services, it’s easier than ever for your business to get the benefits of enterprise applications, security, backup, and monitoring – without the complexity or cost.​

Why Remote Monitoring?

Hogan RMM is a powerful Remote Monitoring and Management service that  maintains your technology for you so you can spend more time on your business, not the business of IT.

  • Automated Patch Management
  • Robust Monitoring & Alerting 
  • Actionable Reporting

And with our automated checks and notifications, we’ll know about problems in your networks early so we can solve them quickly before users are impacted.


Prevent System Failure

Proactive maintenance with routine and continuous monitoring reduces the risk of system failure. Our team receives information immediately and can fix any potential issues in the early stages.


Increase Productivity

Proactive monitoring and preemptive issue resolution make for long-lasting, high-performing devices, as well as increased network stability. Fewer network interruptions reduces the need for hardware refreshes.

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We like to begin every prospective engagement with a detailed report and executive summary that includes best practices, potential issues and recommendations from our technology experts. This is all done remotely without any business interruptions.

FREE Hogan IT Assessment – $999 value!

We find the potential risks before they disrupt your business.

WIth Hogan Remote Monitoring & Management service (RMM), many of the necessary computer maintenance tasks and security updates are performed for you. This allows you to focus on running your business, instead of focusing on computer infrastructure. In the event of a significant computer or infrastructure issue, you will already have a trusted partner to call on for help.

Our team of industry experts stand ready to help you quickly recover from a technology outage, or, to aid in refreshing the products and services you use daily.


Features & Benefits

Hogan RMM is a Remote Monitoring and Management service that combines; front line layered security features, and the peace of mind in knowing your computers are being monitored for threats and system failures.

Our powerful, yet “light weight” Enterprise Class Antivirus and Malware solution stays up to date with the latest virus definitions throughout the day, ensuring maximum protection at all times.

We automatically protect you against the most well-known “bad actors” out on the internet. Additionally, we can restrict or grant access based on web content categories, subcategories or specific domain names.​

We manage the Windows Update and application patching process for you. Via customized automation, we can approve the most critical updates for deployment, as well as use scheduled update schedules to help ensure system security, while minimizing the impact on users.​

We monitor the most critical system components (hard drive health, available free hard drive space…etc.) and notify you when remediation is necessary. Should you decide to take action, we are available to do the work necessary to return your computer system to peak performance.

Ready to prevent IT risks with proactive monitoring?


From managed antivirus and firewall, to advanced intrusion detection we safeguard your critical data.

Managed Server Backups

Get back to business quickly with reliable recovery of your systems to any hardware using proven and trusted cloud technologies.

Office365 Setup & Migration

Bundled setup, migration, & management support for Office365 applications and services.

Help Desk Support

Our local Indiana support team is knowledgeable and well-trained to address your requests in an expedient manner.

Network Monitoring

We get a real-time view of all the devices on it and how they’re connected—so we always know what’s happening.

Data Protection

We make sure you always have dependable copies of your data so you can restore your entire system or individual files.

Business Continuity

Complete solution to protect & restore data, servers, or entire data centers suffering from a natural or man-made disaster.

IT Procurement

Just about everything you need is in the cloud, but you still need a way to access it. Microsoft Surface, thin clients, laptops; we can help there as well.

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