Manage and Maintain Windows 10 with a Citrix Workspace

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The gift that keeps on giving

Remember that shelter pet that you suddenly bought years ago? You fell in love with it instantly. And since then, the little fuzz ball has provided loyal companionship, helped brighten your mood after demanding workdays, and heck, even caught the eye of that new neighbor that you’ve been wanting to ask out.

Now, you couldn’t imagine life without your four-legged pal. In many ways, it’s the gift that keeps on giving.
For many organizations, virtualization is just like lil’ Sparky. Over the years, it’s given your team many considerable gifts that have made your jobs easier. From better data security to improved management capabilities to higher user satisfaction, virtualization has, in many ways, become the technology that you simply can’t live without.

Now here’s another reason to love it. Virtualization cannot only help simplify and accelerate your transition to Windows 10, but it can bring ongoing benefits for managing your environment over time.

By separating apps, desktops and data from each other, from the device and from the underlying OS, virtualization makes it possible to complete your Windows migration more easily while also simplifying ongoing management and maintenance. In particular, you can:

  • Accelerate application migration and compatibility testing after each OS update
  • Easily provision Windows 10 virtual desktops to any device
  • Create a single console to manage laptops as well as every other type of mobile device

See for yourself how virtualization is like the gift that never stops giving.  Download our new “Manage and maintain Windows 10” whitepaper today.

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