IGEL Endpoint Management Solutions

IGEL Thin and Zero Client Software and Hardware can easily integrate in any IT environment, regardless of manufacturer or operating system. Universal access to cloud-hosted and server-based infrastructures makes it easy to future proof your investment.


Optimized Operations


Capital Savings


Enhanced Security

lets you convert any x86 device and control every PC from one easy-to-manage platform. Faster rollouts, seamless integration with best in breed technology, IGEL’s desktop virtualization software instantly works in your preferred environment.

Who needs IGEL?

Lower the Total Cost of Ownership and Future-Proof your EUC Investment

By converting existing assets into software thin clients, UDC3 gives you the full security and flexibility of virtualization without additional expenditure on hardware. Devices that were once outdated are now future-proofed.


  • Reduce IT cost and complexity.
  • Built for enterprise. 
  • Endpoint management system included. 
  • VDI success ensured. .
  • Consistently updated, constantly current. 

Remotely Manage Endpoints with Granular Backend Control

Achieve visibility and control over all endpoints with IGEL’s unique profile-based endpoint management system. Dedicated engineers continually update and optimize UMS and UDC software with the sole purpose of making the IT Pro’s life easier.

  • Extend life of assets. 
  • Easy customization = no compromise. 
  • Endpoint management system included.
  • VDI success ensured. 
  • Consistently updated, constantly current.

Built-In Enterprise-Level Security

IGEL’s operating system was purpose-built for enterprise. The read-only file system ensures that every boot-up is safe. Two-factor authentication and smart card readers are already built-in.

  • Embedded security. 
  • Built for enterprise. 
  • Endpoint management system included. 
  • Hardware agnostic. 
  • Consistently updated, constantly current. 
  • More backend control.

See how easy it is to convert + manage your endpoints.

Either request a free hardware evaluation unit or download 3 free licenses.

Universal Management

Universal Management Suite (UMS), IGEL’s endpoint management software, has revolutionized endpoint management.

It’s finally possible

Unlike Dell & HP whose confusing array of management tools only work on their own devices, IGEL offers a single endpoint management solution that gives IT automated backend control while delivering a familiar, trouble-free environment for users.

Purpose-built to simplify complex enterprise environments, UMS supports diverse operating systems, databases and directories. This smart, simple and secure management software lets IT easily manage any remote endpoint.

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