Is outsourcing your Citrix environment on your holiday wish list?

Citrix deployments aren’t just ‘set it and forget it’ systems.  Patches, updates, underlying OS maintenance, compatibility issues – these are the kinds of things that drive up the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and drive down the Return on Investment (ROI).  These issues combined with the ongoing training and support of the environment can have a significant impact on your operational expenses.

Enter Hogan METRICS:


With Hogan METRICS, we do more than just provide you with an extra set of hands when a crisis happens – we deliver proactive monitoring, 24×7 support, process documentation, and years of experience backed by industry awards to give you peace of mind. At Hogan, we evaluate and maintain dozens of Citrix environments, so we know the ‘gotchas’ (documented and not), allowing us to work with efficiency when it comes to resolving issues. Hogan has an entire team of seasoned engineers constantly updating their skills to stay on top of the competition and improve our partners’ workflows.

Don’t build your own power companyjust to keep the lights on

Find out how Hogan can streamline your business today.


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