IGEL Endpoint Management​

Faster rollouts, seamless integration with best in breed technology.
IGEL’s desktop virtualization software instantly works in your preferred environment.


Your Portable Universal Desktop Thin Client​

The IGEL UD Pocket is the portable universal desktop Thin Client for evolving workspace environments. No larger than a paper clip, UD Pocket provides the flexibility to boot from IGEL Universal Desktop or the local operating system on a PC, laptop or any compatible endpoint device.

With free software and firmware updates, it becomes a cost-effective solution for organizations

Easily convert + manage your endpoints​

  • Bring your own device (BYOD)
  • Remote workforce operating its own endpoints
  • Controlled network access for contractors and freelancers

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Optimized Operations

Manage every endpoint with granular control. Easy customization = no compromise. Zero-touch automation. Consistently updated, constantly current.


Capital Savings

Maximize return on IT investment. Get the full version of UMS, free. Hardware-agnostic. Extend UMS functionality to other management tools.


Enhanced Security

Purpose-built for enterprise. UMS’ low touch deployment works at any scale. Custom partitions. Firmware updates.

Where are you on the path to virtualization?
See how IGEL can help along the way.

Proof of Concept

Test drive IGEL’s endpoint management system in your own environment.

Doing a Pilot

Test and track the improved efficiency, agility and security with easier management.


Get more protocols and more local applications. Even if you’ve already deployed, it’s not too late to switch.

Scaling Up

Using another solution? Don’t get derailed by lack of high availability. We’ll get you back on track.