IGEL Universal Desktop Converter

Whatever your role, see how IGEL can help you optimize any end user computing (EUC) environment.
  • Extend life of assets. IGEL Workspace Edition converts and standardizes existing PCs so you can easily manage an otherwise mismatched fleet of devices and operating systems. Once installed, IGEL UMS, included in Workspace Edition, deploys in minutes and automatically indexes each endpoint.
  • Easy customization = no compromise. Set custom partitions, partial updates and extend scalability with the optional Enterprise Management Pack. You can even manage remote devices that are off network and have users effortlessly switch between fat clients and highly secure, thin endpoints with the UD Pocket.
  • Endpoint security and optimization system included in Workspace Edition. IGEL Universal Management Suite, UMS, comes included with Workspace Edition.
  • VDI success ensured. This hardware-agnostic solution runs on compatible x86 devices, regardless of manufacturer, and instantly works in any EUC environment. Roaming software licenses allow movement of licenses between devices to quickly meet organizational dynamics and minimize endpoint hardware investments.
  • Consistently updated, constantly current. Firmware updates 4x a year with the latest versions of Citrix Receiver, VMware Horizon and Microsoft RDP client, plus software maintenance with 3 choices for support, 3 years after EOL. This level of support is unparalleled in the industry.
Igel UDC

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