How to use WEM to get the most out of your Citrix investment.


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Citrix Workspace Environment Management

Citrix Workspace Environment Management (WEM) is a great tool to help you optimize your environment and can play a significant role in improving your end-user experience.

Are you leaving performance on the table?

We hear a lot of complaints about overall performance, user density and login times. Most people don’t even know they already own the solution to this problem. One of the best features of WEM is that WEM is FREE! Who doesn’t like free?

WEM is free

Now that we took care of the financial hurdle, let's focus on some key benefits of using WEM.

Key Benefits of WEM

As you can see described above, WEM can even be used outside of your Citrix environment to perform everything that happens inside the Citrix environment. This makes users very happy to have a consistent, high performing experience.

Since most companies also have a Microsoft agreement that gives them access to FSLogix, they will be happy to know that WEM and FSLogix work together to make an even better experience. (Think Office365 mailboxes and virtualized environments!)

So, if your company is still stuck in the Stone Age of Group Policy and Logon Scripts, now is the perfect time to upgrade that hot mess!  Contact Hogan Consulting Group to simplify the process.

User customization

The team at Hogan Consulting Group is ready to help transform the management and efficiency of your virtual and physical environment. Here are some final points on the impact of implementing Citrix Workspace Environment Manager:


WEM diagram
  • Key Points:
  • As a Citrix customer with active CSS, you already own WEM. Start receiving the full value from your investment.
  • Setting up WEM, CPU/Memory optimizations, moving over UPM configuration, and minor tweaks may only take a few days to a week, but you’ll benefit from a huge impact on performance.
  • Moving all your settings from Group Policy and spending time nudging everything into WEM is a great project that will transform your environment.
  • If you decide you love WEM, Hogan can expand it to your existing endpoints and do the same tasks and more (including Kiosk mode).


Don't leaveperformance on the table!

As a Citrix customer with active CSS, you already own WEM. Don’t leave performance on the table. 

Nick Cookendorfer

Enterprise Architect at Hogan Consulting Group
Nick Cookendorfer is an Enterprise Architect for Hogan Consulting Group with key technical focus on supporting, designing, and implementing Citrix solutions for Hogan’s top enterprise clients.Nick began his career in 2005 as a helpdesk analyst and quickly advanced his technical expertise to hold several IT industry roles including Network Technician, Desktop Support Analyst, and Network Administrator before coming to work at Hogan in 2009 as a Systems Engineer.Nick works with a variety of top profile clients in healthcare, insurance, manufacturing and utilities and more.
Nick Cookendorfer

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