Home-Based Computing: How End-Point Security Will Protect your Data

Home-Based Computing: How End-Point Security Will Protect your Data

Virtualizing your workforce means that more of your employees will not just be working off-site but working from their homes; a far less secure environment. While business laptops may be used for personal use, they are no longer protected behind corporate firewalls. But what could possibly go wrong?

Security Risks of Home-Based Computing

Well, for one thing, individuals use various IoT devices.  From smart TVs, speakers, toys, and appliances, these devices create security challenges because of outdated software that can remotely start everything from your car to your oven.  Many company-issued laptops are at risk of accidental domain credential leaks when used at home. Combine this with the IoT devices, and the security of your end-users is called into question. That’s why Hogan helps clients implement a multi-factor authentication system so that even if domain credentials are leaked, the second factor will still be unique, protecting everything behind it.  We help our clients implement advanced, next-generation endpoint security tools.

A Secure Method for Transferring and Collaborating on Files

With so many devices now outside the corporate network, employees still need to be able to collaborate on files and share the details of projects they are working on.  Using secure programs like Microsoft Teams or Citrix Sharefile, the pros at Hogan can provide solutions for virtual team collaboration.

Hogan has been assisting clients with data security for decades. Using various multi-factor authentication and end-point security tools, we can secure end-point devices to create a safe and secure computing environment. Learn more about how Hogan can help you secure your system when your employees are working from home both during the pandemic and after, contact us today.

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