GPU’s are beating Moore’s Law – Here’s how you stand to benefit

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Jen-Hsun Huang

GPU’s are beating Moore’s Law – Here’s how you stand to benefit

If you’ve been following NVIDIA in the news, you know they’re leading the charge in A.I. and GPUs. Organizations like yours have been transforming their business, products, and fields of research, using the power of NVIDIA technology and solutions. Hogan Consulting Group is your strategic partner in helping you get your A.I. initiative GPU-accelerated.

Part 1 of 4: NVIDIA DGX Station Intro Series:

Intel x86 servers can’t meet the performance demands of today’s A.I. For example, Google’s near human language translation, requires over 100 exaflops of compute and over 8.7 billion network network model parameters. CPUs just can’t handle that kind of scale. This is because where CPU’s once benefited from Moore’s Law, achieving 1.5x speed-up every year, the last 10 years have seen CPUs continually decline, and the next 10 years will see GPUs outstrip CPUs by 1000x.

In short: Now is the time to invest in GPU platforms.

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