Driving Complexity out of IT with Nutanix

Driving Complexity out of IT with Nutanix

Winners in the IT game work smarter, not harder…

Patrick Coughlin
Enterprise Architect

In information technology, like many endeavors, complexity is the enemy of success. Or perhaps, to quote Murphy’s law, “If anything can go wrong, it will”.

Each of the interconnections that are present between technology stacks represent a point of failure. As an IT architect, I know that any point of failure I can engineer out of the system adds value to my work and increases client satisfaction. That’s why from an infrastructure perspective I tend to lean on a single stack product such as Nutanix.

The fact is, most IT organizations have an array of complimentary and competing products integrated into a complex system that is replete with obscure interfaces, performance bottlenecks, and single points of failure. The famous John Glen quote “I felt exactly how you would feel if you were getting ready to launch and knew you were sitting on top of two million parts — all built by the lowest bidder” comes to mind.

The Nutanix product suite combines the ‘cloud like’ experience of a unified control plane with that of a single vendor offering while keeping my clients’ systems and data in my datacenter. This gives me a great deal of peace of mind that comes from knowing that the entire solution was integrated and tested as a whole, and that in the event that any issues arise, I can make a single call to get the help I need.

Traditional infrastructure also requires the management of an array of staffing specializations including storage, compute, and datacenter, often with a factor of redundancy to ensure expertise available when needed most. With Nutanix, I know longer need many of those specialized resources, which helps to reduce operations costs by more than 60% per the IDC whitepaper on “Workload and TCO Considerations When Choosing Between Public, Private, and Hybrid Cloud.

With the HCI model, IT organizations like ours gain the ability to collapse infrastructure silos which in turn allows us to run a much leaner team. Further, knowing that I have Nutanix backing me up me each and every step of the way allows me and my staff to focus on strategic business initiatives, instead of servicing equipment.

The bottom line is that Infrastructure is a service, whether consumed on-prem or in a cloud model. Using HCI vendors like Nutanix to simplify IT infrastructure and make it more lean and efficient allows both IT and the business to focus on driving success.

At Hogan, we are proud to have the best-of-the-best partners in the business helping us deliver services to clients. Our deep bench of knowledge and expertise around the needs faced by today’s IT organizations that allow us to pick the best tools – and combination of tools – required to virtualize computing environments, implement remote work solutions, cloud-storage and endpoint device security.

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