How Hogan Uses the AI Citrix Licensing Tool to Create a Client’s Ideal Licensing Model

Licensing after COVID-19: How Hogan Uses the AI Citrix Licensing Tool to Create A Client’s Ideal Licensing Model | Hogan

If your organization uses several Citrix Workspace products, you know that it can be difficult to maintain each product’s licenses. Licenses can be checked out to a user, device, session, server or appliance, depending on the licensing model for each product. They are important to keep tabs on, but organizations sometimes struggle to do so without access to the right tools. In fact, your organization may be paying for licenses you aren’t currently using.

That’s why Hogan Consulting Group developed a Citrix licensing tool powered by AI to help clients manage their Citrix licenses. The AI Citrix licensing tool gives you a comprehensive view of your current licenses. It will aid your organization in:

  • Allocating new licenses if you are about to exceed your license capacity
  • Rescinding old licenses after an upgrade
  • Managing duplicate licenses

I sat down with Michael and Rebecca Hogan, co-founders of Hogan Consulting Group, to learn more about how this tool works and how it benefits Hogan’s clients.

How does Hogan work with clients using the AI Citrix licensing tool?

Hogan works in an advisory role with the licensing tool. Our team provides suggestions on how to best allocate a client’s licenses while saving them money. The tool provides our clients with a comprehensive view of all Citrix license assets for their organization.

What is your process for assessing a client’s current licensing situation?

The licensing tool is deployed on a single machine in a client’s Citrix environment. The client provides the addresses to each of their controllers, and the tool uses these addresses to immediately query all available historical usage data from the client’s environment. Optionally, these queries are deduplicated with records from previous data collection runs to provide insight over a longer period of time than a client’s licensing environment will hold data for. It uses this data to estimate the number of licenses required under each licensing model, as well as indicating specific users/devices which should be placed under unique user / shared device licensing for maximum cost efficiency under a hybrid licensing model.

What are the key benefits of the tool for Hogan clients?

The key benefits are twofold. On the one hand, if a client needs additional licenses, they can only go over their current amount by 10%. This means if they need to increase their licensing capacity by more than 10%, they are unable to know the actual number of additional licenses they need without a tool like this.

On the other hand, if a client wishes to pay less for licensing (as most clients do), this tool will provide a way to pay for fewer licenses without making any changes to how the client uses their Citrix environment.

What are the results your clients achieve by working with Hogan to help manage their licenses?

Clients are given a clear path to licensing compliance while optimizing the money they are spending on their Citrix environment. They are able to keep tabs on their licenses to ensure they aren’t paying for resources their organization won’t use.

If you would like to create your organization’s ideal Citrix licensing model, work with Hogan to utilize the AI Citrix licensing tool. We can also assist your organization in managing your Citrix environment and creating successful remote work environments during the pandemic. Our team can be reached at (219) 921-1141.

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