Client Feedback from Mike Trumpold of Wayne Homes

Client Feedback from Mike Trumpold of Wayne Homes | Hogan

The following is a direct testimonial from Mike Trumpold of Wayne Homes:

In 2013, Wayne Homes did a Vision statement for the year 2020. In it, our I.T. department said, “we would embrace the Any time, any place, any device philosophy to help Wayne Homes grow and expand our region” by as I liked to say, “killing geography.” We talked about hiring the best of the best because it didn’t matter where those people lived, they would be able to participate in our culture with the tools I.T. would supply.

Well, here it is 2020 and we have accomplished our Vision with the help of Hogan, but the significance of it has a much larger meaning now. On 3/13/2020 the Governor of Ohio made a decree that all non-essential businesses shutdown on 3/17/2020 because COVID-19.

Our I.T. Department flipped the switch and transitioned 89% of our team to home workers by 3/20/2020. This would not have happened if not for Hogan and Citrix.

What is the impact of your great work?

  • Peace of Mind for 200+ users because we were able to social distance when the decree came into effect.
  • We can keep our doors open to the public virtually, to shop our models, and we continue to have appointments virtually with our customers.
  • We continue to work and build our homes in Ohio because our entire work force is still working.
  • That means your team also helped to keep 200+ people off of unemployment.

Why am I writing this? I know how busy your teams must be. I know that all our lives have changed significantly in the course of just a couple of weeks. I know this can make people feel overwhelmed. I just don’t want you and your team to miss the significance of your labors and the impact they have for the community at large. Thank you for all that you do!

–  Mike Trumpold
Director of Information Systems | Wayne Homes

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