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Optimize your Citrix environment with an expert review

Be proactive, not reactive! Identify gaps and risks in your Citrix environment.
Over time your environment is open to misconfiguration, instability, process deviation and security exploitations. Even environments that seem to be working well have problems lurking that often only appear when critical applications are needed most.
  • Find configuration drift in your environment
  • Enable functionality which you’re not using
  • Boost your infrastructure for user growth
  • Re-align to new industry best practices
Why you need a Citrix Health Check Our Citrix Health Check provides you with a point-in-time snapshot of the overall health of your Citrix environment. Use this new knowledge to focus on projects which will optimize your operations such as:

Review to include:

  • Review of Microsoft and Citrix licensing
  • Review of system logs, console & event logs
  • Installed Citrix components, OS versions, service packs and hotfixes
  • Remote access and security concerns
  • Identify configurations that do not adhere to architecture best practice
  • How new Citrix products/versions can solve business challenges
  • Mobile device usage

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