Citrix Cloud Workspaces

Prepare for the workspace of the future

The growth in cloud service adoption is changing how employees access their work, swapping desktops for internet browsers. We combine the benefits of app and desktop virtualization, mobility management, file sync and sharing, and network services to deliver the secure digital workspace your business needs.

  • Single management plane for your entire secure digital workspace
  • Secure control of your company apps, desktops and data – either in your datacenter or any cloud provider you choose
  • Automated updates reduce maintenance time – you’re always on the latest version
  • Fastest way to adopt Citrix technology with little-to-nothing to install

Easily deliver the Citrix portfolio of products as a service. Citrix Cloud services simplify the delivery and management of Citrix technologies extending existing on-premises software deployments and creating hybrid workspace services.

Our Experts Can

  • Show you a live demo or help set up a trial in your environment
  • Discuss the benefits an end-to-end digital workspace can deliver, based on your business needs
  • Discuss implementation options
  • Answer your technical question
  • Provide purchasing information

Future work environments won’t force employees to work at physical desks in offices, or even on a particular device. Instead, cloud-based and physical resources will be unified, bringing together all the tools people need to do their job—and do so in a more secure and productive manner.

Get started now with a follow up from our experienced team.

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