Caribou Coffee customers get roasted by data breach

Week in Breach

Exploit: Compromise of POS systems.
Caribou Coffee: A large coffee chain in the United States.

Coffee chain Caribou Coffee recently announced a security breach after discovering unauthorized access of its point of sale (POS) systems.  The company listed 239 stores of its total 603 locations as impacted, which roughly amounts to 40 percent of all its sites.

All customers who used a credit or debit card at one of the affected stores between August 28, 2018, and December 3, 2018, should consider their card details compromised and take precautions such as asking for a card replacement, reviewing credit card reports, and enrolling in identity protection programs.

Users can consult the list of impacted stores via the company’s data breach notice, posted on its homepage. Below is a link to the notification published by Caribou regarding the affected locations: 

Stores Impacted

Risk to Small Business: 1.777 = Severe: 
A breach of this magnitude would have a negative impact on any organization for a long time. Around 40% of the company’s locations were affected by the breach, with all cards used during the breach being considered accessed.


Risk to Individuals : 2.428 = Severe:
Those affected by this breach are at an increased risk of identity theft. Those who used a credit or debit card at the organization between August 28, 2018, and December 3, 2018.


Customers Impacted:  239 of the organization’s stores were affected by the breach.

How it Could Affect Your Customers’ Business: 
Credit card information being accessed is never good for business. Customers tend not to forget the company whose breach resulted in them losing money.

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