Can Your Business Survive the Novel Coronavirus?

Can your business survive the Corona Virus?

If you have not thought through how your company will handle a situation where people simply can’t get into the office, you need to get a plan in place right away. In December of 2019 few people had heard of the Corona Virus and in January the internet was filled with memes of cut-up limes to “prepare for the Corona Virus”.  Now here we are at the end of February and words like “pandemic” and “global emergency” and being thrown around.

Over 77,000 Chinese citizens have been infected.  The virus has spread to over 30 countries and claimed more than 2,600 lives.  The World Health Organization has declared the Corona Virus (Covid-19) a global emergency.

The question that all businesses now need to consider is “Can we survive?”  It is not just a matter of travel or getting the virus; there will be companies that will be shuttered because work just stops.  It won’t be because people got sick, but because the government will force quarantine on cities where cases start showing up. This is already happening in China and Italy.  Apple has already announced that it will not meet its earnings targets because of the manufacturing plants being shut down. It is forecasted that the quarterly production of the iPhone will be cut by 10% (4.5 million units).  In Japan, the Prime Minister has asked schools to close through spring break – which normally means early April – in a bid to contain the outbreak.

Is your business prepared to rapidly deploy a remote workforce?  This isn’t just the convenience of ‘work from home’ days where a child is sick, or the roads were too bad to drive in.  We are talking about no one aside from emergency personnel allowed on the roads and everyone is confined to their homes.

The businesses that have the plans and technology in place to continue operations will not only be able to keep running but may find themselves in a position to overtake the competition.

At Hogan, we have been developing these solutions for clients for over 15 years.  For the prepared, ice storms, snowpocalypse, or a deadly virus are just use cases for their technology that enables them to work from anywhere in the world.

Even today, it is not too late to take action.  Using cloud-based resources and flexible month to month licensing we can have a secure solution in-place within a couple of days.  The best part is that all of this can be put in place to allow work to continue even if people cannot get to the office, and it doesn’t have to be activated unless it is needed.  With month-to-month licensing subscriptions, you only need to pay for things when users log in.

If you have not thought through how your company will handle a situation where people simply can’t get into the office, you need to get a plan in place right away.

From the CDC website in regards to planning for a COVID-19 outbreak: ”In some communities, early childhood programs and K-12 schools may be dismissed, particularly if COVID-19 worsens. Determine how you will operate if absenteeism spikes from increases in sick employees, those who stay home to care for sick family members, and those who must stay home to watch their children if dismissed from school. Businesses and other employers should prepare to institute flexible workplace and leave policies for these employees.”

If you are concerned about how you will keep your business running through a potential outbreak, but you are not sure where to start with enabling users access from anywhere then you should be talking to the people that have been implementing these solutions for over 15 years.  Our team can help guide, architect and implement a secure, flexible environment that can keep your business running through any planned/unplanned disruption.

For the full CDC Guidance on how Businesses and Employers should Plan and Respond to COVID-19:

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