Building an A.I. System Yourself? Not So Fast…

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Building an A.I. System Yourself? Not So Fast…

If you’ve been following NVIDIA in the news, you know they’re leading the charge in A.I. and GPUs. Organizations like yours have been transforming their business, products, and fields of research, using the power of NVIDIA technology and solutions. Hogan is your strategic partner in helping you get your A.I. initiative GPU-accelerated.

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Thinking about dropping some GPUs in a box and calling it your A.I. platform? Not so fast, figuratively and literally. A fast A.I. platform is not just GPUs. It needs an integrated software stack that let’s you start training neural nets in hours instead of weeks. It needs optimized deep learning frameworks that let you run 30% faster than hardware alone, and it needs enterprise grade support so you’re not left holding the bag when something’s broken. NVIDIA DGX Systems take care of all that.

In short: Watch this video to see what I mean.

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