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With Hogan Managed Services, it’s easier than ever for your business to get the benefits of enterprise applications, security, backup, and monitoring – without the complexity or cost.​

Why do an IT Assessment?

From email and applications to networks and servers – if your organizational IT isn’t optimized, your business suffers. Over time, issues of scale and security need to be planned for with long-term solutions. 

The Hogan IT Assessment may include:

  • Network and server analysis
  • Device and workstation management and security
  • Compliance checks and assurances
  • Email and antivirus compatibility testing
  • Cloud-readiness checks
  • Business continuity planning

With a free, holistic technology assessment from Hogan we help businesses maximize their infrastructure and develop forward-looking plans for growth and stability.


Strategic Planning

To keep your organization running effectively and on the cutting edge you need an IT environment that is healthy and secure. Our technology consultants help align your IT strategy with your business and goals. Relieve burden off your IT Team and plan for the future.


Adopt New Technology

As the technology landscape continues to grow, you need to accelerate new technology adoptions while managing recurring issues. Your IT cannot be a roadblock to achieve these goals. You need a partner to keep you on the cutting edge.

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We like to begin every prospective engagement with a detailed report and executive summary that includes best practices, potential issues and recommendations from our technology experts. This is all done remotely without any business interruptions.

FREE Hogan IT Assessment – More than $1,000 savings to you!

We find the potential risks before they disrupt your business.

Your IT technology is no doubt complex and getting more so as you grow your business and consider moving processes to the cloud. You need to make sure that everything is not only available but also fully optimized for your workers’ needs. That takes time, talent, and procedural know-how.

We’ll provide your business with a thorough IT Assessment to  solve your technology challenges and help you improve your operations.


Features & Benefits

The Hogan IT Assessment tool performs a comprehensive network, and computer systems security analysis, that results in a highly detailed “snap-shot” of the state of your IT Infrastructure. Ask for your Free Hogan IT Assessment today.

Identify which systems are most at risk due to missing software security patches. The “holes” left open by out of date software are often the most exploited entries into your network environment.

Our Active Directory (AD) and User Credential Outline finds inconsistencies in your Active Directory security policies as well as User credential risks.

Detect if a password relating to your Domain has ever been compromised and then marketed on the Dark Web. Quickly remediate by updating and strengthening that User’s password.

Personally Identifiable Information (PII) is often more abundant on your computer systems than you realize. Finding all the instances on your network allows you to remove the unnecessary cases, and better protect the necessary ones.

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