Accelerating Research and Innovation in Healthcare with AI

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From AI-assisted radiology to predictive analytics for clinical decision-making, AI is completely reshaping life sciences, medicine, and healthcare. NVIDIA® DGX™ Systems, the world’s first portfolio of purpose-built AI supercomputers, are designed to give scientists the most powerful tools for AI exploration—tools that go from your desk to the data center to the cloud. Powered by the revolutionary NVIDIA Volta GPU platform, DGX Systems are driving research computing toward the next wave of breakthroughs.

DGX Systems support deep learning training, inference, and accelerated analytics in one pre-optimized, integrated solution, providing unparalleled performance that enables researchers to iterate and innovate faster. This provides the needed flexibility to accelerate research and innovation across medical imaging, pathology, health informatics, and drug discovery.

Choose the right NVIDIA data center product for your needs.

Aaron Clark

Director of Marketing at Hogan Consulting Group
Aaron is an accomplished Sales & Marketing professional with over 18 years experience in various areas of technology, consultation, and marketing. Follow me for useful technical and quick tip documents relating to the various technologies we promote to Simplify, Deliver, Automate, and Secure your business.

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