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Results are encouraging

Today work is more than just an office job. It’s a last-minute email sent on the way in; a conference call joined from a business trip; a project handed in from an off-site meeting. Work is everywhere, which is why your team works best when it has easy access to data and applications from as many devices as possible.

Yet devices can’t pile up forever. In fact, as soon as your business grows large enough, your team will need more of them than you can handle. Introduce a Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) policy, and the complexity will increase even faster. Here are three things that happen to organizations suffering from device overload:

  • They have a harder time updating and managing all of their devices
  • Their teams will have a harder time switching between devices
  • All of the apps and data on those devices end up less secure

You want to avoid those things happening at your place. To do that, you’ll need to find a way to bring your teams’ devices together – a solution that separates work environment from hardware.

That’s what XenDesktop does.

XenDesktop lets your staff access and run Windows desktops from any device. By putting desktops (their operating system, apps and data) in the cloud, it makes them accessible from smartphones, tablets, laptops and computers. It gives your team all the best cloud benefits, without making them sacrifice the setups they’re used to working with. Here are four of the benefits that you can expect from XenDesktop:

1. Flexibility
With a virtualized desktop, each member of your staff will have on-demand access to a familiar interface. That means settings, preferences and file locations will be just as they like them, whether they’re using a smartphone, laptop, computer or tablet. It also means that each user has more control over the way they work, with nothing new to learn or get used to.

2. Manageability
When your desktops move to the cloud with XenDesktop, they move to a centralized location. That makes life (especially yours!) easier in many ways. Perhaps most importantly, it means that you can run all updates at once, instead of having to update computers individually.

3. Security
We understand that you want the best security as soon as it’s available. So when we identify a new vulnerability, we deliver the latest patches and fixes straight away.

Plus, if you ever want to run a rapid update to protect your desktops from threats like WannaCry, you won’t have to run between devices to install it – all updates are managed centrally.

You’ll also get a back-up function with XenDesktop. That means that if someone loses a laptop they can be up and running on a new device within minutes, with the exact same desktop as before.

4. Lower Costs
Managing physical desktops can be expensive work. Not just due to additional costs like maintenance and repair fees, but because time gets wasted when you don’t have budget to upgrade outdated PCs and your team is working sub-optimally.

Once your desktops are virtualized that won’t be a problem. Instead, you’ll be able to roll out a new operating system (OS) centrally rather than having to transition individual computers.

Don’t let physical desktops weigh you down

Work is everywhere. That’s why you need a flexible solution that keeps your employees free to work exactly as they want to, wherever they want to. A solution that keeps costs down while delivering bank-grade security and centralized management.

XenDesktop does exactly that.

That’s why it’s the smartest desktop virtualization choice for growing businesses.

Aaron Clark

Director of Marketing at Hogan Consulting Group
Aaron is an accomplished Sales & Marketing professional with over 18 years experience in various areas of technology, consultation, and marketing. Follow me for useful technical and quick tip documents relating to the various technologies we promote to Simplify, Deliver, Automate, and Secure your business.

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