30-Day Unlimited Support Terms


This Agreement describes the specific areas of service, responsibilities, fees, and terms associated with Preferred Support Services for the Licensed Products. As used herein, “Licensed Products” means the software licensed by Customer. Technical Support covers assistance via phone, Internet, and fax to help resolve problems during selected coverage hours according to the Support option selected by Customer.

Hogan Consulting Group Responsibilities

Hogan Consulting Group will provide the following where applicable:

a) Service Delivery: Services may be provided remotely from Hogan Consulting Group to Customer locations.
b) Software: For managed services, Hogan will provide software for monitoring and reporting on covered devices.
c) Technical Support: Support includes problem resolution services for technical issues involving Licensed Products in accordance with the Product Support Lifecycle. Products that are no longer supported by the manufacturer will be supported on a best effort basis and may be billed separately from this contract.

i. Remote Access. As part of the resolution process, Hogan may access Customer’s system via remote access to analyze problems and Customer will be informed prior to conducting this service. Hogan may provide Customer with software to assist with problem diagnosis and/or resolution. Any information reviewed by Hogan shall be deemed confidential in accordance with Section 8, below, Confidentiality.

ii. Engineering Support. In situations where Hogan cannot provide a satisfactory resolution to Customer’s critical problem through normal support methods, Hogan may escalate the issue and engage the manufacturer’s product development team in creating a private fix to the Licensed Product in accordance with the manufacturer End of Life Policy. Limited regression testing is performed on private fixes, which are released to Customer once the Customer has verified the private fix has resolved the issue and additional regression testing is complete.

iii. Multi-vendor Coordination. Hogan will work with Customer’s other key partners to resolve problems in a heterogeneous environment. When problems reported on Licensed Products involve interactions with other vendors’ products, and Customer has a support agreement with that vendor, Hogan will share diagnostic information and collaborate to provide a solution.

Customer Responsibilities

Customer will designate a Customer Support Manager (“CSM”) who will be the primary administrative contact associated with this Agreement.
Customer may be asked to perform problem determination activities as suggested by Hogan, including performing network traces, capturing error messages, and collecting configuration information.

Customer may also be requested to perform problem resolution activities including changing product configurations, installing new versions of software or new components, or modifying processes. Customer agrees to cooperate with such requests.
Customer is responsible for implementing procedures necessary to safeguard the integrity and security of software and data from unauthorized access and for reconstructing any lost or altered files resulting from catastrophic failures.

Customer is responsible for procuring, installing and maintaining all equipment, telephone lines, communications interfaces, and other hardware at
Customer site and providing Hogan with access to Customer’s facilities as required to operate the Licensed Products and permitting Hogan to perform the service called for by this Agreement.