Isn’t it time you got out of the business of managing backend IT?

Let us focus on system performance.

Benefit From a New Focus
You just invested in a new technology designed to improve business performance, but your team may not be fully trained yet and unaware of the latest best practices. This often leads to further escalating IT issues and unseen future mishaps.

Time spent managing applications is time away from things that really matter.
Your customers.

With Hogan Managed IT Services, you’ll be free from the necessary but time-consuming tasks like monitoring and managing your IT infrastructure.  We effectively become an extension of your company’s IT department, allowing you to shift your focus and resources back to your strategic business initiatives.

Desk Monitor

Return your focus to business objectives.

Your Current
System Focus


Your Current
Business Focus


Let Technology work for you not against you.

Don’t worry about maintenance and upgrades — it’s all taken care of by our experienced and certified engineers.  We do it remotely so it’s seamless and does not interrupt your daily activities.

Turning over the tedious updates and patches frees up your internal IT staff to focus on strategic IT projects.  In addition, your environments can scale with your business without breaking your budget or increasing the burden on your in-house staff.

Key Benefits of IT Managed Services


Server Monitoring

Continuous monitoring of your services and application availability.


Proactive Maintenance

Proactive maintenance and self-healing solutions applied to your servers & network devices.


Security Updates

Monitoring of patch levels; ensuring core systems always kept up to date.

24/7 Technical

Unlimited Support

Respond to & correct errors/alerts triggered by proactive monitoring tools.

Benefit from proactive server, application, & performance monitoring.
Reduced System Downtime
Our engineers deliver monthly business site reports and schedule quarterly strategic IT planning with your team.
Capacity Planning
Break free from the break-fix contract. We ensure your systems are constantly performing at optimal levels.
Substantial IT Cost Savings

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